“Quietly helping private companies create shareholder value and liquidity for more than a quarter-century.”

Quietly helping private companies create shareholder value and liquidity for more than a quarter-century.


Mutual Capital Alliance (“MCA”) is a private holding company founded in 1994.  Our investment portfolio contains more than 40 direct and indirect holdings (through affiliated funds). These holdings are in financial services technology, healthcare technology, distressed private companies, real estate, and recurring-revenue technology companies.

Through our subsidiary, Mutual Capital Growth Advisors, Inc. (“MCGA”), we help private companies navigate through the complex Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation (“SPAC”) process.  With decades of deal-closing experience, relationship-building experience, and shepherding companies through the regulatory maze, MCGA will help target companies achieve their funding/liquidity objectives.  We specialize in companies wanting to merge into a SPAC, or into a Private Equity Firm, or who want to go through the Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) process.

MCA and its subsidiaries give entrepreneurial business leaders the freedom to pursue unique business opportunities through the use of its proprietary investment systems and processes.

Ultimately, we seek to leverage our influence, partners, capital, and holdings to create shareholder value for private companies. Our aim is to create an interdependent ecosystem, which allows the whole to be more than the sum of its parts.


Mutual Capital Alliance, Inc.


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