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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Da Vinci

Combining a passion for business growth, capital formation, and focused strategy, with our love of engineering precision and leverage, we help companies simplify, scale, and exit. We are accountable to our clients for two objectives: Developing the comprehensive Exit Plan customized to meet your individual needs, and helping you successfully execute that plan.

Our company is rooted in the disciplines of Industrial Engineering and our Founder’s immersion – four decades ago – in the transformational work of W. Edwards Deming.  When these time-tested principles are applied to qualified businesses, unexpected results are realized.


Mutual Capital Alliance (“MCA”) was founded in 1994. Through our work, and the work of our subsidiary funds, we have catalyzed growth and transformation for companies in financial services, technology, healthcare, real estate, telecom, recurring-revenue-focused B2B, and alternative private investments.

In 2004, MCA founded USA Mutuals Advisors, Inc., an SEC-registered investment advisor which manages publicly-traded investment funds (mutual funds).

In 2005, MCA co-founded Mutual Capital Partners, a venture capital/PE family of three funds focused on growth companies. We currently hold investments in 12 operating companies.


Exit Concierge Service™

Selling a private company can be a brutal process that can destroy value, consume immense amounts of time, and often not produce the intended result. It requires both emotional intelligence and financial rigor.

According to research, 80% of private company Exits fail. Transactions are time-consuming and emotionally taxing. As the seller, you must manage internal confidentiality, team alignment, your existing business operations, investment bankers, lawyers, accountants, tax considerations, and price negotiations.

There are literally dozens of very important questions that you must have answers to before entering into a definitive sale agreement.

MCA uses a proven, patent-pending methodology, which incorporates IP, experience, and trade secrets to sell your company in less time, with lower expenses, and for a higher price, than traditional methods. This method increases the probability of achieving a successful outcome when compared to any other method.

We step in as your advocate, your confidant, your “Exit Concierge™,” to manage the entire process for you, from YOUR side of the table. We have zero conflicts with buyers or traditional investment banks. We get to know and understand you.


How We Help You

MCA’s Exit Concierge Service™ helps you and your team – like a general contractor who works with you to build a house – to assist you in every step of the sale process.  Selling your company may be one of the most important decisions of your life. Many sellers make mistake after mistake, leaving millions of dollars at risk. Existing teams often implode and ensuring a seamless, post-transaction transition is often ignored.

 Allow us to help you avoid these unnecessary transaction risks. We are not an investment bank. We manage the banks, the lawyers, and the entire process for you. We don’t ignore your employees, your clients, or your operations. 

Our “Exit Readiness” process ensures that you receive the best exit valuation, and the most efficient result, from the price you pay to your commitment of time.  Our fee is retainer/incentive-based, which results in a rebate of fees BACK TO YOU at the conclusion of your transaction. This unique system is rare in our industry.

In partnership with the MCA ecosystem, entrepreneurial business leaders gain access to a suite of proprietary tools and strategies that help them navigate the complexities of capital formation, strategy, transitions, and exits.

Do you have true enterprise value that will assure you of the ability to sell at a moment’s notice, for maximum return? Find out by taking our Exit Success Index.


Our Beliefs and Values

By way of analogy, if you or a loved one has ever gone through a serious illness or hospital stay, you know far too well that patients need advocates. When in a vulnerable position, sick patients need someone on their side who fights the system for them. Unfortunately, far too many hospital patients, without that person, have had negative outcomes.

In the same way, companies contemplating a transaction, merger, public transition, or corporate turnaround, are negotiating with lawyers, regulators, bankers, or M&A experts who have hundreds of deals under their belts. These people are professionals who can navigate the system for their benefit, not yours.

Companies like yours need an advocate – with decades of experience – to fight FOR you from your side of the table – while also protecting your assets; so you can focus on growing and protecting your business.

We truly love working with like-minded, successful leaders, who embrace our unique operating values:













Our clients benefit by leveraging our influence, partners, experience, and holdings to create immense value. Our aim is to build an interdependent ecosystem of clients, investments, and people in order to grow the value of the parts, along with the sum total.


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