Purpose 2.0

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Purpose 2.0

In February 2013, Richard Sapio traveled to Milan, Italy to speak at the Europe-based TEDx event, TEDxBocconiU, Rethink: Reinvent the World Around You.

Rick Sapio challenges us to look at purpose in a new way. He created “Purpose 2.0”, which unites committed stakeholders to increase the speed of achieving results. This is done by creating a “Catalyzing Statement,” which makes the purpose statement actionable. 

Rick is the seventh of nine children who grew up with a busy, entrepreneurial father. He developed a special bond with his father, who often took Rick to work with him when he was a young boy. But after his father died of terminal cancer, he realized that his path out of this difficult circumstance would be to apply what his father taught him about life, business, and entrepreneurship. 

His presentation titled, “Purpose 2.0: How Companies, Entities, Families, and Governments Can Positively Transform Their Future,”  tells Rick’s story as a boy who began his first “real” business, a bicycle repair shop, at just 13 years old. This business made Rick realize that he loved working hard, helping customers, and earning money. 

Rick attended Rutgers University and earned a degree in Industrial Engineering. After that, he began a career in the investment industry. At the age of 30, Rick founded a holding company. Since then he has started more than 20 companies. Rick’s passion for carrying on his father’s legacy led him to his life’s purpose, which is to inspire entrepreneurship in others.

Rick enjoys studying businesses and shares his business wisdom from the perspective of Purpose and Values. He began to notice some key principles that can be found in most successful businesses. He has boiled these elements down to 12 principles that eventually became his 12 Foundational Principles of Business. Finally, Rick Sapio decided to create a program for business owners and their teams to teach this knowledge gained from nearly 40 years of failures and successes in business. This program is known as Business Finishing School and is centered on Rick Sapio’s 12 Foundational Principles of Business.


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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

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