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Rick Sapio challenges us to look at purpose in a new way. He created “Purpose 2.0”, which unites committed stakeholders to increase the speed of achieving results. This is done by creating a “Catalyzing Statement,” which makes the purpose statement actionable. Rick is the seventh of nine children who grew up with a busy, entrepreneurial father. He developed a special bond with his father, who often took Rick to work with him, when he was a young boy. But after his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and died when Rick was just 13 years old, he realized that his path out of this difficult circumstance would be to apply what his father taught him about life, business, and entrepreneurship. Since then he has started more than 20 companies. Rick’s passion about carrying on his father’s legacy led him to his life’s purpose, which is to inspire entrepreneurship in others.


In a recent Nic Askew Soul Biography video, Rick Sapio talks about finding one’s purpose and taking responsibility for outcomes. He also poses a powerful question. Using the metaphor of a horse and rider for how we live our lives, he suggests that you can choose which one you will be. He goes on to say that whichever role you choose to take, life will take the other role. His question: Do you choose to be the rider or the horse?

Might an entrepreneur simply be defined as someone who takes responsibility for outcomes? This is a film about the possibility for all of us in taking responsibility for the outcomes of our own lives. Responsibility despite the many circumstances which might so easily disguise themselves as worthy excuses.


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